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Cohasset resident Margot Cheel is a pilot and aerial photographer who captures vibrant images of coastal areas on the South Shore and Cape Cod.

By Riley Stefano, Photography By Margot Cheel

THE SOUTH SHORE COASTLINE takes on a whole new look when viewed through the camera lens of aerial photographer Margot Cheel. An arts educator, private pilot and award-winning photographer, Cheel takes photos from airplanes, hundreds of feet in the air. She flies out of both Plymouth and Marshfield airports, usually accompanied by a co-pilot who can man the controls while she’s snapping photos.

Cheel, who always had an artistic eye, majored in art history at Middlebury College and owned an art supply company for 20 years. Her passion for photography developed later in life.  One day, when Cheel was driving by a local airport, she had an aha moment.  After three years of training for her pilot’s license, Cheel began pursuing aerial photography. Over the years she has captured images of scenic locations across Massachusetts and has taken aerial shots of homes for local realtors.

Cheel’s photography has been published in “Narrative History of Cohasset,” “Treasury of Cohasset History,” and “Savor of Salt.” Margot has also published her own book of aerial photographs titled “Sea & Sand from the Sky.”  When she’s not snapping photos up in the clouds, Cheel teaches creativity workshops in her hometown of Cohasset. To order her book, purchase prints, or place a custom order, visit www.margotcheel.com.

Chronicle: "Up In The Air!"

Here is the video of my segment on Boston's TV Channel 5 - Chronicle.


Interviewed by Susan Hagstrom

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