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Children love looking at photographs. Imagine them being able to see their world from an entirely different perspective - from the sky! The book “What Do You See? Finding Shapes from the Sky” offers just that. Finding shapes in the landscape, children (& adults!) tap their creative imagination & connect to real places on the earth.

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From an airplane its a new world to see.

In the book each page is a discovery.

“Different pictures are hidden in each page. It’s fun to find them.”

LD Age 9, New Jersey  

“I like that I can find pictures in pictures and that I can see action down below. Look (in that shape) I see a giraffe!”  “The world likes to make pictures out of itself."                                                                   

CB, Age 7, Seattle, Wa

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"Margot's book, 'What Do You See' is priceless! Kids facing homelessness and living at 18 shelter sites (in Boston area) crowd around and enjoy it every day! Thank you Margot!!

Mal Stanton McCunney

School on Wheels, Massachusetts

"Sea & Sand from the Sky: Aerial Photography" is a hardcover fine art book, not just for the coffee table, but for viewing by all ages!

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The book takes you on a journey to glimpse Nature's patterns seldom seen - earth’s beauty & fragility. Quotations from aviators accompany the photos and fill you with the thrill of flight and adventure!

“Though I had seen your books before, I now know that I didn’t ‘experience’ them until this morning. Your images are truly magical…inspirational…and give such gifts of wonder & contemplation!” I am definitely gifting these two beautiful books so I will be in touch to order several more. Thank you!”

KC, Cohasset, MA

To order these colorful hardcover books,

What Do You See? Finding Shapes from the Sky (which encourages seeking & discovery)

Sea & Sand from the Sky: Aerial Photography (which calls to environmental awareness)

Click here to purchase.

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